Fatty Burger '04
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Oh god. The tradition continues. I'm doing this web update while the weekend still rings in my ears. More pictures will be added as I steal them from my friends.

Strapping in the precious cargo. (no not the hot pants)

In Frank's excitement he fashioned himself a shirt... they say he whittled it out of a bigger shirt.

We had a lot of boogyin to do.

Almost there, time to relax

Scenes deleted. Friday night we played poker and drank till the wee hours.

Wee early the morning of the 4th, everyone is up!

Mark's shirt lasted about 2 minutes after he arrived. Ahh, good 'ol Mark.

The boys work on their burns.

Mmmm... beeer. Bob's delicious lemon wheat beer.

Happy as a 10 year old.

Grasp here?!?!? Where the fuck else would I grab it? Do I really need directions on how to drink from a bottle?

Maybe I shouldn't have had a major roll in finishing this...

... this thing is taunting me... whats that?? you want me to put something in you???


Yes thats right. Its been my lifelong dream for 2 weeks to make a "steak shake"

Steak and beer and sauce all together. How can I go wrong?

All done... MMMM looks ok!

I couldn't take a picture of my trying it so here's Frank's grimace.

After much hemming and hawing (and pounding a few gulps of it) my dream died. Yes, it tastes like it looks.

I know what will wash that nasty taste out of my mouth: winning my friends' money! Poker time!

our little hobo. All tuckered out. Yeah, this is really how we found him in the morning.

When we went to leave there was a message tucked under the wiper.


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