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9/23/05 - Frank hits the big 2 5

5/17/05 - Got back from Tucson yesterday.

4/30/05 - Had a slight mishap yesterday changing wheels on the MCoupe. A shop had put the right front on with air tools after getting the wheel straightened. 18" breaker bar to 17mm 3/8ths socket via a 1/2" to 3/8 converter is not a good idea. It still held me off the ground when I pressed down, but when I pulled up...

3/6/05 - Thanksgiving should come more than once a year.

1/23/05 - Hey look, snow! Also, I got a cool thing called patellofemoral pain syndrome. It means my knees hurt and I have to spend lots of money. Oh well, at least my knees will stop hurting. Maybe.

1/04/05 - Not much has changed, except the date

9/6/04 - I know I haven't updated in a while, but I have a good excuse. I've been busy dating a fabulous girl, and also purchasing and moving to my new townhouse.

7/5/04 - Fatty Burger '04

6/11/04 - Yeah so like a few weeks ago was the Andy's Wedding/Atlantic City debacle link to Frank's coverage

5/8/04 - I do enjoy a tasty beverage.

4/19/04 - Not that anybody calls me but...

4/11/04 - Today is Easter. I ate my bodyweight in food and watched the Sox beat the Blue Jays in 12 innings. What else is there? (p.s. it was a 2 run bomb by Ortiz, the most clutch hitter on earth)

2/05/04 - God damn I love football

1/03/04 - Yeah so this update is reaallllyyyyy late. Lets face it, not much cool shit has been happening. But here check out my new mug

12/06/03 - Time to make zi donuts

11/25/03 - Somebody around here is crazy.

11/5/03 - profound thought of the day: people who change are fiction... they are only in books and on tv. Real people change much too slowly to make a good story.

11/2/03 - Weekends since I bought my mountain bike: 3. Weekends I've been biking: 3. Percent of my rear brake thats left: 3. This is seriously the best stupid thing I've speant money on in a long time. I actually took a spill this weekend. Going downhill on an off camber trail covered in pine needles, I guess I grabbed too much rear brake and just layed the bike down. *shrug* It was fun.

10/28/03 - I got bored today and made some pumpkin pie. Also... I finally sold the saturn today. DING!!!

10/25/03 - Can your sports car do this?

10/21/03 - Fear and Loathing at My Computer Desk vol 1

10/17/03 - The MCoupe has some company

10/5/03 - Saturday I autocrossed the M Coupe. I'll assume you're not all "with it" and explain what an autocross is. In my case, I went with the Boston chapter of the BMW CCA to Ft. Devens (read abandoned air force base). They take a bunch of cones and set up a race course. You can do this on any large paved expanse. Hell, you can do it on dirt too, but then its a Rally Cross, not an autocross. Anyway, it rained all day pretty much and was cold. I took various instructors with me throughout the day and made steady improvement. I'll post the breakdown of my runs when the bmwcca posts our times on the internet (offhand I dont remember them). Needless to say it was a lot of fun. My initial setup was about 40psi front and 36psi rear. The car seemed pretty even. I don't recall plowing through ANY turns, and the tail could be held under control or easily be made to come around. Its a pretty badass machine. Out of 160 cars I was the only M Coupe. Its pretty neat when other BMW people tell you its their favorite car, or havent even been in one.

9/27/03 - I was supposed to go mountain biking today, but NOBODY around here rents bikes. Bleah... what a craptacular Saturday.

9/19/03 - the breakup is moved

9/15/03 - Just picked up a new pic from when I was in San Francisco in June. Also have a new pic from the trip to Philly

9/14/03 - A few words cannot possibly explain it all

8/27/03 - Finally got some pics of the MCoupe with its new wheels

8/25/03 - Whats in YOUR wallet?

8/24/03 - So much is going on and so few web updates. First off, I've noticed younger people really respond to the M Coupe. As such, I've taken it upon myself to do some good and convince kids its worth it to Stay In School... I mean, look at all the cool shit you can buy!!!

8/12/03 - And it rained for 40 days and 40... well ok not 40 days... not even 40 minutes.

8/9/03 - Heres a riddle for you. Whats small and black and would cause a lazy 23 year old to clean his garage? Give up???

7/14/03 - I got the pictures Frank took of us firing the trebuchet put up. Check them out

7/12/03 - Well, the Trebuchet fired today. I'm waiting for all of Frank's pictures of the action, but here is the aftermath.

7/10/03 - I finally got rid of my pathetic 20" and stepped up to something a lil better.

7/07/03 - The Camaro was officially sold today. In its stead I am searching for a BMW M Coupe. Good luck to me.

7/06/03 - Oh man... best Fatty Burger ever.

7/03/03 - Yeah!!! I did it!!!

6/30/03 - Yesterday me and Jeff got together to begin work on a trebuchet

6/29/03 - these are a few of my favorite things (aka "Frank isnt totally useless")

6/28/03 - Shit... I turned 23. Hung out with Krisha and the family. Its effing weird, but I got everything I asked for for my birthday: Tony Hawk 4, Colin Mcrae 3, Goldfinger and NOFX cds, red wine glasses and some $$. Apart from actually having to get older, I'm one happy 23 year old.

6/18/03 - Seriously though, someone buy my car

6/13/03 - Krisha met el parentos Wednesday as planned (first time a girl has met my parents in many years). It went pretty well. Argh... sorry there are no pic updates.

6/11/03 - FRIDAY THE 13TH OH CRAP!... just kidding. Just got back from San Francisco

5/31/03 - The fans are just piling up.
Zehrapushu: "That is a very thorough page you have there. It's a damn good thing you constructed it, or how would everyone on the web get updates about your trip to Sweden and the amount of snow on your lawn? You are so thoughtful to give the little people a peak into your world. I will treasure my brief glance until the end of my days."

5/30/03 - The Sox just suffered a humiliating defeat to Toronto. I hope they all catch SARS and die.

5/29/03 - This is my new website all about me. In here will be gallons and gallons of updates if I am not rediculously lazy. But we all know I ammmm rediculously lazy, so theres really no hope. I am however trying to at least fill in the archive section. That could be fun too, right?

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