San Francisco 6/03
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UPDATE 9/15/03 - Feeling a little nostalgic tonight. I just got this picture from my sister. Its nice. There I am, free and unbound on a hilltop having a hell of a time. I was trying to look casual, but ended up looking sexy. Some of us just can't help it. Well... enjoy... Below the pic is the original text from the trip.

Got back from San Francisco a few days ago. If you're interested, here's a run down of the events. We went mountain biking friday. I havent been on a bike in years. It was awesome. BBQd that evening, then went out to some bars. Saturday we went to the Union Street fair. they closed down like 6 blocks for a few vendors... but mostly it was trendy 20 somethings hanging out at the beer gardens, or in the various bars on union street. It was a real scene. Then we BBQed (and drank) again... then out to catch a band called "pop rocks" which does all covers of 80s songs. They were awesome... we were all pretty drunk by the end too. Sunday we were off to a slow start, but then off to the Haight street fair. It was like the union street one but way more hippy/gypsy. I managed to get krisha a little present, and on the way home I got my sister her birthday present at this cool antique store called "mickeys monkey". They were two hurrican lamps that are made up of like a glass mosaic. They look great off, and even better on. Everybody loves them. Lets seee... then for dinner we hit "The stinking rose" which is a garlic themed restaurant in the trendy north end. Everybody had been telling me I had to go... so I did. It was great. Then it was back to a rented movie and bedtime. Monday we hopped in the WRX, got some Krispy Kremes, and tore through the 80 miles down coastal (scenic) route 1 to Santa cruz to check out the boardwalk and some local attractions. We got back just in time for her frisbee game, then I was off to the airport. Got in to logan at like 6am, went to work, krisha was supposed to come over around 4:30... i get a call at 4:30 saying her car is smoking and she is pulling over. Its at the shop now, should be a quick fix (a line broke)... uhhh.... so yeah... in about 90 minutes I go pick her up and we get the car. Man... then (if my mom calls me back) we might all have dinner together *scary* ... then i will COLLAPSE maybe finally in exhaustion. Who knows...

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