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I have decided to build a trebuchet (its a "plunging beam" style Floating Arm Trebuchet, or FAT). The goal is to fire a golf ball about 350feet using 20lbs of counterweight. The golf ball will leave the sling at around 100mph.

If you don't know what a trebuchet is, I will eventually put in an explanation here. In the mean time, you're screwed.

Here is the current state of the beast. As you can see, the frame is built, but the arm and sling need to be assembled. Construction so far consists of 2x3s and drywall screws. The structure is massively overbuilt for the task. In the future we can probably double the counterweight, put in a different arm and fire bigger stuff.

Here the treb is as it would be in the cocked position. The metal bar would have counterweights and actually be IN the verticle track. The beam lacks its wheels (for a pivot point).

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