Arizona BIATCH!!!
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On 5/13 I set off with Nicki in tow to meet up with the RPI crew at Andy's urban desert fortress in Tucson.

Atlanta's crappy airport. Note the children's play area right next to the doorless smoker's lounge. Thank's Atlanta!

Finally Tucson!!! Nicki poses with our first cactus.

Tucson is surrounded by various mountain ranges. Its hard to forget no matter where you are in the city.

First order of business Saturday morning was to load Andy's guns up and head to the desert.

The hillside that would stop our bullets.

As you can see, this is a popular thing to do.

Ian looking tough.

Shooting in a skirt is hot.

What would hunter do?

Yeeee Hawww!!!

Just a lazy dog danglin' afternoon after that.

Frank is coaxed into becoming useful.

What could make a man put on woman's sunglasses and take a self portrait?

The next picture is a good indication.

Drinking and shooting (though not at the same time or in that order) is tiring business.

cue the "King of the Hill" theme

Night one was Asshole, night two: LIAR's DICE!!!

Lets just say this novelty cow didn't get the worst of it.

"Well I woke up Sunday mornin'.... "

"...with no way to hold my head that didn't hurt."

Yeargh! driving up Mt. Lemmon we are!




Oh god if only you could hear these guys talk. The hand written message on the car door advertises car detailing. Tubby is looking this way... hope he isn't on to me.

Nice view.

This is pretty much from the summit at almost 10,000 ft. Tucson lies far below on the other side of the mountain.

Andy holding his meat.

Sherpa got her head stuck in the empty box. When Andy freed her, she peed (naturally).

I've got some videos, full size versions of these pics, and other pics if anyone is interested.

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